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Fact Sheet

Stardust Rain - Press Kit


EX Beat - Based in New York

Release Date

Late 2024 - Early 2025


.Steam (PC/Mac)

.Direct (PC/Mac)


Stardust Rain | Arcade Hut

Planned Price

$24.99 USD


The year is 2431. A new supernatural phenomenon has taken the world by storm! In Stardust Rain, you play as one of several individuals born with these new powers. In this game, players of any skill level can pick up and play with ease but for players familiar with the genre, there's plenty of opportunities to express your unique fighting style.

In this 2.5D fighting game, players are given tools to help them define their playstyle. With a heavy emphasis on movement, and a large focus on momentum, players will find that they have plenty of options when defining new combo routes for their chosen fighter. The game features directional inputs for most special moves, so players of all skill levels will have an easier time experimenting with the game's mechanics and systems.

In the world of Stardust Rain, creativity is what's needed to come out on top. Every character has multiple ways that they can played, it's all a matter of thinking outside the box.


.Easy-to-learn controls for new players

.Free-form system mechanics for players of all skill levels to experiment with

.Rollback Netcode

.A large amount of Single-Player modes

.Tons of Unlockables






The game's Logo

Promotional Art

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Fighter Stills

Marco Feng
Eric Williams
Akane Ikari


I-EX Beat-allow for the contents of Stardust Rain to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Stardust Rain is legally & explicitly allowed by myself. This permission can be found in writing at: Stardust Rain Press Kit | Arcade Hut

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