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Terms and Conditions

1. Arcade Hut reserves the right to deny Custom Orders based off of their content. This may include, but is not limited to:

.Graphic depictions of Violence

.Sex and/or Nudity

.Harmful or Hateful content

.Content deemed illegal in the United States

While I am open to most Custom Order request, I do have limits on what I will do. This term also

does not exclude Orders featuring that kind of content, such as orders based off of IPs like

Mortal Kombat and Grand Thief Auto.

2. Work on a Custom Order will not begin until payment is received in full. The money

received is required to obtain all materials needed to complete the job, as well as pay for the

time spent creating the artwork and assembling the final product. Upon request, a budget

breakdown will be given to the customer before payment is made.

3. A customer is allowed to submit a refund request for up to 2 weeks after a physical product has been delivered. Request can be sent to the email: Once the request has been made, you will be required to send the product back in the condition I sent it to you in. Once I have received the product, your money will be refunded. If I have not received the product within the week of the request, or if the product is returned damaged, I reserve the right to not honor the refund.

For additional clarification, "damaged" in this context means:

.Broken or missing buttons

.Chipped/Cracked paint after 12 hours of delivery

.Destroyed decals

.Additional Paint and/or Markings

.Broken or missing Joysticks

.Cracked Shell

.Missing/Incorrect Screws

.Cracked Plexi Glass

.Broken or Missing Sticktop

.Broken or Missing Dustwasher

.Broken or Missing Shaft

.Destroyed or Marked Printwork

There are no refunds for Digital Products, with the exception of Video Games sold on the site, in which you have up to 2 hours to request a refund.

4. At this time, Arcade Hut is not a Repair Service. Do not send in or use the Order section to make a repair request. These request will be ignored.

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